2018 Artistic Partner | Jody Guralnick


Aspen Public Radio strives to convene citizens, put complex issues into context, facilitate enlightening conversation, and generate high-quality news content.

It is with these guiding principles that Jody Guralnick was chosen as the Aspen Public Radio Artistic Partner for 2018. Look for Guralnick’s work in printed materials, the annual Program Guide, and around the Valley.  

Last year Aspen Public Radio partnered with a local artist, Chris Erickson, on our 2017 theme "Celebrating Our Differences". The partnership was such a success, we have decided to carry on the tradition. 

A word from Jody:

I have always drawn.  For as long as I can remember I’ve been happiest with a pen in my hand – happy to get lost in a world that unspools in front of me as I draw.

Credit Linda Girvin

I also paint, make sculpture and ceramics, but drawing is the practice that has been with me the longest. It’s how I interpret the world. I love to look back through the pages of my own sketchbooks and be surprised.

This piece for Aspen Public Radio is a mash-up of lots of my images – I see it as similar to sampling in contemporary music, something from here and there put together to form a new conversation.

In my painting practice I’m immersed in nature, not interpreting what is in front of me but trying to form an amalgam of what I see and all the botanical and biological knowledge I have –

I attempt to collaborate with the world rather than create something without a past and a context. The drawings function as a conversation starter for me in my larger work, a fluid form of note-taking.

The drawings that I do on my iPad reflect all those thoughts and observations, nature, people and places together in a beautiful jumble.

For more information on Jody Guralnick's works click HERE

Materials created in collaboration with Jody Guralnick

Credit in collaboraion with Gaiacreative