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  On today's Cross Currents, Junior Achievement of the Roaring Fork Valley teaching financial literacy to students from K-12. 

The Fields Development Group

  Traffic signals in the El Jebel area have gotten a lot of criticism in recent months. Now a developer has a proposal for one of them, before Eagle County Commissioners review the proposal next month.

Elise Thatcher

  The town of Carbondale breathed a sigh of relief yesterday/Tuesday after law enforcement resolved a standoff.

Two seats up on AVH board this spring

Feb 16, 2016

  Anyone interested in running for a seat on the Aspen Valley Hospital board of directors has just under two weeks to throw their hat into the ring. Carolyn Sackariason has the details.

Two seats are up this year on the board, which hasn’t seen a contested race since 2008. That might be a result of Aspen Valley Hospital doing too little to publicize elections.

Marci Krivonen

  Oil and gas companies are deciding how to respond to the BLM’s expected decision about leases on the Thompson Divide. The West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association is working with about eight companies directly affected by a pending BLM decision.

Alycin Bektesh / Aspen Public Radio News

Cathy Ritter was appointed as the Director of the Colorado Tourism Office in December and has since been traveling the state on a listening tour. Aspen Public Radio’s Alycin Bektesh caught Ritter when she was in Aspen to find out what the new leadership means for the Roaring Fork Valley.

Alycin Bektesh / Aspen Public Radio News

A new cannabis product available in Aspen is reflective of the exponential growth of the edible marijuana industry.

 Ascendigo Executive Director, Hugh Zuker, discusses the organization's programs and the importance of the organization's work in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Ascendigo is best known for its summer camp.  Through individualized instruction, participants do a host of outdoor activities including hiking, kayaking, water skiing, and rock climbing. Ascendigo also offers an adult enrichment program and a winter sports program.

  Government, spectators and volunteers are adjusting to not having the USA Pro Challenge this summer. One of the most enthusiastic supporters has been the City of Aspen.

Courtesty Aspen Homeless Shelter

When Michael Engfors, a homeless man in Aspen, won five hundred thousand dollars on a scratch off ticket last fall his newfound fortune made national headlines. Months later, the longtime local is still utilizing the services of the Aspen Homeless shelter. Its services go beyond a warm place to sleep at night, as shelter director Vince Savage explains.

Valley Roundup 2-12-16

Feb 12, 2016

  Welcome to Valley Roundup. I’m Carolyn Sackariason.

The federal government’s review of 65 oil and gas leases includes recommendations for the ones situated in the Thompson Divide.



Meanwhile, the effects of the Grand Avenue Bridge are starting to really become clear.

Alycin Bektesh

  There will be no USA Pro Challenge this year. In a statement released today, event CEO director Shawn Hunter said there isn’t enough time in 2016 to shift to new ownership and have the event.

Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes

Thursday’s announcement about the discovery of gravitational waves is getting getting extra special attention in Aspen, where scientists are gathered at the Aspen Physics Center for an astrophysics conference.

Elise Thatcher

The Roaring Fork Community Development Corporation is raising concerns about Basalt’s latest plan to handle the Pan and Fork parcel.

Good afternoon, it’s Mountain Edition.

And I’m Alycin Bektesh. Basalt voters could see the Pan and Fork parcel on the fall ballot.

More than two hundred workers in Parachute have an uncertain future.

Elise Thatcher

There have been positive and skeptical reactions to Basalt’s decision Tuesday night to pursue putting a Pan and Fork parcel question on the fall ballot.

Roger Adams

  More than two hundred workers in the area are going through interviews, to find out if they can keep their jobs. That’s after Oklahoma-based WPX Energy decided to sell to a new Texas company.

Mountain Rescue Aspen

  Three snowmobilers survived a night in the White River National Forest by building a snow cave.

  A survey of Colorado Ski resorts released this week ranks Aspen Snowmass in top place for wireless internet availability.


Elise Thatcher

Basalt may ask voters to pay for a Pan and Fork park this fall. Town Council decided Tuesday night to start nailing down how much the land is worth and other preparations.