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The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies is hosting Dr. Thomas Lovejoy in a lecture this evening focusing on his 30 years of research as a conservation biologist. Lovejoy’s work has earned him the title, “godfather of biodiversity” and experts say his findings are key for understanding global warming.

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The Aspen Pitkin County Airport is working on an Environmental Assessment of a new runway and terminal. The airport plan has been through several rounds of comment and review.

Sole Lowe is the Buddy Program's Community Program Director and is based out of the Third Street Center offices in Carbondale. She joined the Buddy Program team in 2002 and shares the history and evolution of the mentoring non-profit over the years. 

More information about the Buddy Program and how you can get involved at www.BuddyProgram.org

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As the Grand Avenue Bridge work is underway, Garfield County is trying to address another location where the roadway is vulnerable to river runoff.

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The city of Aspen is continuing to invest in the WeCycle bike share program.

Valley Roundup 3-4-16

Mar 4, 2016

  Welcome to Valley Roundup. I’m Carolyn Sackariason.

Joining me this week are Randy Essex, editor of the Glenwood Post Independent, Andy Stone, columnist for the Aspen Times and Curtis Wackerle, editor of the Aspen Daily News.

The Carbondale Town Trustees this week approved a new City Market that will be larger than the one that’s there now and will include a fuel station.

Cdale to get new City Market, fuel station


Elise Thatcher

Pitkin County’s election workers have settled into their new home. Aspen Public Radio’s Elise Thatcher swung by Thursday to check it out.

  Good afternoon, it’s Mountain Edition.

Democrats in the Roaring Fork Valley vote for Bernie Sanders as their early presidential pick.

A Pitkin County Commissioner is trying to figure out who left a wad of cash in front of her house.

Elise Thatcher

It’s been a little trickier getting around the Aspen Pitkin County Airport, ever since officials expanded the secure passenger lounge. As Aspen Public Radio’s Elise Thatcher reports, the change has also prompted a big bump for one business inside the airport.

This is a special "Best Of" Pledge Drive edition of Cross Currents with local photographer Pete McBride. 

Elise Thatcher

Democrats in the Roaring Fork Valley chose Bernie Sanders last night. Participants in the 2016 caucuses also turned out in record numbers in two counties.

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Attendees of a Create Aspen Mentorship information session last week included massage therapists, artists, realtors, lawyers and small business owners. 

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Dry February weather melted snow in the high country, but snowpack levels are still substantial. A healthy level of snow up high is important for everyone down low, particularly farmers and ranchers. A crew of snow surveyors and high-tech systems are already sending readings about snowmelt. Marci Krivonen explains.

It’s a calm and sunny February day at 8700 feet above sea level. Snow surveyor Derrick Wyle plunges a long metal tube into deep snow on McClure Pass, south of Carbondale.

PitCo limits gifts for public officials to $100

Feb 29, 2016

A Pitkin County elected official is trying to solve the mystery of who left a pile of cash at her house. According to the government’s policy, she wouldn’t be able to accept it even if she wanted to. Carolyn Sackariason has the details.

County commissioner Patti Clapper took the $1,000 to the Aspen Police Department after the envelope was left on her front gate anonymously. She is worried it could be a bribe.

Jimmy Thomas

  Glenwood Canyon has been one of the hottest topics in the Roaring Fork Valley for the last two weeks, but there was barely a peep about one of the fastest ways to avoid closures or detours.

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Mark Cole, the executive director of the Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club (AVSC), is resigning after 15 years with the nonprofit organization.


Cole will step down at the end of July but will continue to work part time with AVSC in order to help with the transition, according to a press release.


$1K left anonymously for PitCo official

Feb 29, 2016

An elected official in Pitkin County is trying to find out who left a thousand dollars in cash on her front gate earlier this month. Carolyn Sackariason reports.

County commissioner Patti Clapper returned from work one day to find an envelope addressed to “Pat C.” written on it and 10 $100 bills inside. The anonymous note said, “for past good deeds.”


She says her first reaction was she that wanted to throw up.

Elise Thatcher

The Roaring Fork Valley’s political landscape will be active Tuesday night, as neighbors gather to caucus for their candidates. Campaigns for the top two Democratic presidential contenders are especially fired up.

A ballot measure in the May 3 election will ask Snowmass Village residents to approve property tax increases to help pay for improvements to the sewage treatment plant.

Valley Roundup 2-26-16

Feb 26, 2016

Guests this week are Andy Stone, columnist for the Aspen Times, Jill Beathard, editor of the Snowmass Sun, John Stroud, reporter for the Glenwood Post Independent and Alycin Bektesh, reporter here at Aspen Public Radio.