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3:26 pm
Wed July 9, 2014

CrossCurrents - Greg Lindsay & Aspen Challenge

Aspen Ideas Fest speaker Greg Lindsay Senior Fellow and Director, Emergent Cities Project, World Policy Institute; Co-Author, Aerotropolis: The Way We'll Live Next

Also, students from Denver North High School, winners of this year's Aspen Challenge, who presented at the Aspen Ideas Fest

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APR Local News
6:00 am
Wed July 9, 2014

Glenwood Springs Brewer Serves Up "Wild" Creations

Troy Casey quit his job at MillerCoors to start his own brewery in Glenwood Springs. His specialty is "wild" beers like Saison and Lambic-style ales.
Credit Marci Krivonen

As the craft beer movement grows in the United States, breweries are working to set themselves apart and offer something different. Many are experimenting with new kinds of beer, offering up so-called “sour” and “wild” varieties. A new brewery in Glenwood Springs is specializing in this avant-garde beer. Aspen Public Radio’s Marci Krivonen toured Casey Brewing and Blending and filed this report.

Casey Brewing and Blending sits on a steep hill above the Roaring Fork River. Inside a warehouse space, lots of used oak wine barrels are stacked high.

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3:16 pm
Tue July 8, 2014

Conundrum At Conundrum Hot Springs: Large Crowds Hurting Environment

More than 3000 people visit Conundrum Hot Springs each summer. Forest Service officials are concerned about overuse.
Credit High Country News/hcn.org

White River National Forest officials are concerned about overuse at Conundrum Hot Springs, outside Aspen. Forest Service staffers recently pulled more than 35 pounds of trash from the popular recreation area and the number of visitors continues to grow.

Visitors hike from Aspen and Crested Butte to reach the hot springs in the Maroon Bells/Snowmass Wilderness. The area sees more than 3000 people each summer. Martha Moran with the Forest Service says the numbers are impacting the area’s Wilderness character.

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1:10 pm
Tue July 8, 2014

The Frackers

Two rigs, the H&P 318 drilling rig with white derrick, and a yellow snubbing rig drilling out plugs from a recently fracked well. There are 22 wells planned for this pad.
Roger Adams

The word “fracking” has come to mean drilling in general for oil and gas-- and a major concern for communities and environmentalists in Colorado and elsewhere. In reality the process of hydraulic fracturing is a specialized procedure used to create cracks in shale deposits thousands of feet underground which in turn releases trapped natural gas.  There are hundreds of fracked wells in Garfield County. Often you can see them from the highway.  Recently Aspen Public Radio got a tour of a fracking operation run by WPX Energy near Parachute.

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Telluride Bluegrass
5:08 pm
Mon July 7, 2014

Book: 40 Years of Festivation

Pastor Mustard and book - Telluride Bluegrass Festival: Forty Years of Festivation
Credit Roger Adams

In July of 1974 a bluegrass festival opened in Telluride, Colorado.  It cost two bucks to get in and from a small shed like stage eight mostly unknown bands played a mix of country and bluegrass music.  Posters for that show ambitiously proclaimed it the first annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival. 

The organizers were on to something and the festival has celebrated on for four decades.  A central figure in the festival for most of that time has been Aspen’s Dan Sadowsky better known to Aspen Public Radio listeners as Pastor Mustard host of our Sunday morning bluegrass show.   In the persona of Pastor Mustard he was the MC on stage. 

Now he has written the narrative for a book documenting the years of music called Telluride Bluegrass Festival – Forty Years of Festivation.   He spoke with APR's Roger Adams about the book, the festival and the music.

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