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A conservation group aired concerns with Washington lawmakers this month over a deal that would remove oil and gas leases from the Thompson Divide near Carbondale. The Paonia-based Citizens for a Healthy Community fears the proposal will move energy development to their backyard. 

Paonia’s mayor, a Hotchkiss farmer and the local chamber of commerce president joined Jim Ramey in Washington. Ramey’s the director of Citizens for a Healthy Community.

Elise Thatcher

  The Community Office for Resource Efficiency, or CORE, has been working with homeowners for years to help bring down energy use. The nonprofit has expanded to specifically help homeowners on a limited budget. Aspen Public Radio’s Elise Thatcher has this story.

Pigging out in Snowmass

Jun 18, 2015

  The Food and Wine Classic isn’t the only food festival in the valley this weekend. The Grand Cochon is a culinary competitor that has moved from Aspen to Snowmass. Aspen Public Radio’s Patrick Fort reports.


For Brady Lowe, the creator of the Grand Cochon and Cochon 555, the event was something he had been working towards for most of his career.

“It’s a collective of all the things that I’ve been loving in the food and culinary world in the last fifteen years,” he says.

Facebook/Pitkin Co. Open Space and Trails

Heavy rain Tuesday night boosted the Roaring Fork River in Aspen to flood stage. Minor flooding is possible in low-lying areas. 

Flows in the Aspen stretch of the Roaring Fork were nearly four times the typical amount Wednesday morning. Pitkin County Sheriff Joe Disalvo says people with homes in a floodplain should be prepared to sandbag and self-rescue if waters get too high.

Artist Nancy Lovendahl with her mentee Basalt High School senior Savannah Cheatam on their year working together.

Elise Thatcher

Participants in this year’s Food & Wine Classic are beginning to arrive in Aspen. There’s usually a big push to get ready for the event among city workers and event planners alike. This year that includes buttoning up construction projects too. Aspen Public Radio’s Elise Thatcher has this report from the final stretch.

Part of Highway 133 will be closed for several hours this Friday. The Colorado Department of Transportation has already been running a construction project on the highway south of Carbondale. On Friday, that’ll expand to a closure near the south end of the Paonia reservoir. 

Elise Thatcher

A public trail will continue to exist through the campus of a wealthy private school in Carbondale. Garfield County Commissioners decided Monday to keep a public right of way at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School. Officials there are in a dispute with neighbors over the access.

Marci Krivonen

The White River National Forest is encouraging backcountry campers to use bear-proof canisters to store their food. It’s an education effort this year and will become law next summer. Aspen Public Radio’s Marci Krivonen reports.

The Ute Mountaineer in Aspen is one of a handful of stores in the Roaring Fork Valley renting and selling bear-proof canisters. The hard plastic, round containers have names like “Bear Keg” and “Bear Vault.” Nathan Martinez is store manager.

City of Aspen hires new parking director

Jun 17, 2015

  After an extensive search, the city of Aspen has hired a new parking director. Aspen Public Radio’s Carolyn Sackariason has more.