wildfire mitigation http://aspenpublicradio.org en Mountain Edition - April 3rd, 2014 http://aspenpublicradio.org/post/mountain-edition-april-3rd-2014 <p>Defense attorneys in the Nancy Pfister case are digging through lots of evidence.</p><p>Spring snow showers have boosted snowpack to above-average levels and forecasts are calling for high river flows this spring.</p><p>A Western Slope lawmaker is proposing Colorado get its own firefighting fleet of airplanes and helicopters.</p><p>And, wildfire is on the minds of local officials who are planning ahead after devastating fires in recent years, on the Front Range.</p><p>Suicide is getting attention in the Aspen community, after several deaths this winter.</p><p>And, we have some fun with what could be the Upper Valley’s first home inspired hybrid.</p><p></p><p> Thu, 03 Apr 2014 21:32:49 +0000 Elise Thatcher & Marci Krivonen 16520 at http://aspenpublicradio.org Mountain Edition - April 3rd, 2014 Wildfire Planning For Aspen, Pitkin County Starts While It's Still Snowing http://aspenpublicradio.org/post/wildfire-planning-aspen-pitkin-county-starts-while-its-still-snowing <p></p><p>Even though there’s still snow on the ground, local planning is already happening around wildfires. Prompted by large and destructive fires in recent years, the City of Aspen, Pitkin County and the local fire protection district are working together to make neighborhoods safer. Aspen Public Radio’s Marci Krivonen reports.</p><p></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">It’s lightly snowing in a neighborhood east of Aspen as firefighter Parker Lathrop makes his way up a winding, paved road.</span></p> Wed, 02 Apr 2014 15:36:08 +0000 Marci Krivonen 16429 at http://aspenpublicradio.org Wildfire Planning For Aspen, Pitkin County Starts While It's Still Snowing