How to Support Aspen Public Radio

How to Support Aspen Public Radio 

Becoming a Member

The station has members from Aspen to Thomasville, Redstone to Glenwood Springs, Rifle to Eagle and beyond. A basic station membership is $60. Members vote for the station's board of directors. Additional benefits include invitations to select Aspen Music Festival and School concerts and a subscription to the station's program guide. 

Aspen Public Radio is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, contributions to which are tax deductible. Financial support from members makes up one third of the station's annual budget, making it critical to the station's long-term viability.  To become a member or renew your membership, pledge online, call us at 920-9000 or stop by the station to make a pledge in person.  

Business Membership 

Business memberships allow you to be the sole sponsor of select programs on Aspen Public Radio. For more information or to sign up, please contact sales director Debbie Welden.

Serve on the Citizens' Advisory Board

Aspen Public Radio's Citizens' Advisory Board meets quarterly to discuss the station's programming and public service policies. The board then makes recommendations to the station's board of directors. All members are qualified to serve. If you would like to learn more, please contact the news director Roger Adams

Donate Your Car  

Considering putting your old car to good use by donating it to Aspen Public Radio. The Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program provides stations with the mechanism to accept vehicle donations by partnering with V-Dac. V-Dac makes sure your donation is tax deductible and your vehicle is properly handled. Click here to find information to help you decide whether it makes financial sense for you to donate your car, truck, or RV instead of selling it or trading it in. You'll also find answers to questions about how it all works and questions about tax deductibility.

Join the National Council 

The Aspen Public Radio National Council is a growing group of individuals who share a commitment to public radio, both locally and nationally. Their financial support increases our ability to bring the best public radio programming to the Roaring Fork Valley. Because of their support, Aspen Public Radio is better able to expand in the way of local journalism and better able to reach new listeners in the rapidly changing landscape of new media.  In appreciation of their generosity, we invite National council members twice a year to exclusive events with prominent NPR personalities and journalists. For more information on joining this valued group, please contact Collins Kelly or make your contribution online now


Aspen Public Radio is a non-commercial station that grants on-air recognition to program underwriters. Public radio research shows that public radio listeners appreciate and support organizations and businesses that support their local public radio station. To support the station's programming, and to be recognized for it on the air, please contact sales director Debbie Welden


Many community members volunteer their time on and off the air at Aspen Public Radio. If you enjoy the jazz sounds that begin every weeknight at 8 on Aspen Public Radio, or if the blues, soul or bluegrass are more to your liking, think about sharing your music with our listening community. Anyone interested in hosting a locally produced music program may contact Carolyne Heldman. To spend some time at the station off the air helping out with special projects, please contact membership director Collins Kelly