"The Mineola Twins" is a dramedy. Political satire. Cultural commentary. A pair of twins. Played by the same person. One leading lady plays both Myra and Myrna Mineola. One more straight-laced, the other is a little more wild and crazy.

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A marijuana grow facility near Basalt will continue to operate. The Pitkin County Commissioners Wednesday (9/24) did not cancel a pair of licenses for High Valley Farms.

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  Carbondale Trustees decided this week to give themselves a pay raise. But it won’t go into effect until at least next year. Trustees are currently paid $600 a month, and at a meeting Tuesday night they voted to bump that up to $900 a month.

This week on Cross Currents, Wilderness Workshop's Artist in Wilderness Residency Program. Painter Val Rossman, along with Mary Dominick, founder of the program.

Businesses settle power outage suits

Sep 23, 2015
Carolyn Sackariason

  Three Aspen businesses settled their lawsuits with engineering firms that caused a lengthy city-wide power outage in the summer of 2014. Aspen Public Radio’s Carolyn Sackariason reports.

Over Easy, the Square Grouper and Radio Boardshop sued LKP Engineering, Odell Drilling and a West End homeowner. They sought thousands of dollars in lost wages and profits from the Aug. fourth incident that knocked out power for 12 hours. Their cases were heading to trial next month until a judge dismissed them last week. The parties came to an out-of-court settlement.

Pitco Sheriff's Office

A tanker truck that flipped and spilled fuel near an Old Snowmass subdivision in April likely didn’t do long-term damage to area groundwater.

The truck spilled 500 gallons of gasoline and about 20 gallons of diesel fuel near the Little Elk Creek subdivision on April 30th. Clean up crews initially found contamination but after drilling wells and taking samples in August, tests came back negative. Kurt Dahl is with Pitkin County.


The Cannabist covers Colorado’s marijuana industry from a legal and cultural perspective for the Denver Post. Mitch Dickman filmed the staff as they did their reporting and put it together into a documentary. The film will be shown as part of the Aspen Film Festival this weekend. The film brings a local element to the festival that is critical to help keep the festival going.


A Garfield County elected official is cheering Tuesday's (9/22) federal decision to keep the greater sage grouse off the endangered species list. 

Garfield County has 220,000 acres of greater sage grouse habitat. About half is on private land owned mostly by mineral companies and large ranches. Garfield County Commissioner Tom Jankovsky led the charge on this issue. His opinion reflects the board’s feelings. He says had the bird been listed, landowners would have faced onerous federal regulations.

Marci Krivonen

Inmates from the Rifle Correctional Center helped with final steps of a mine reclamation project near Aspen on Tuesday.

Five Pitkin County groups receive CCI art grants

Sep 22, 2015
Patrick Fort / Aspen Public Radio

Colorado Creative Industries announced the recipients of its 2015-2016 grants. Six organizations in the Roaring Fork Valley were part of this years awards.