Dorothy Atkins


Dorothy M. Atkins considers herself many things. She's a professional storyteller, a teacher, a life-long learner, a writer, a self-diagnosed neurotic... But above all, she's an old-fashioned gumshoe reporter. 

Atkins began her journalism career in 2010 at the Aspen Daily News in Aspen, Colo. Since, her reporting has taken her from a small town in Colorado where a community is fighting oil and gas companies from fracking in their backyard all the way to Miami Beach high-rises, where a corrupt condo association blocked the short sale of a condo. She's written pieces about athletes pushing the boundaries of ski competition, the impacts of failed child welfare policies in Miami and non-citizens fighting eviction in San Francisco's Mission District.

Atkins is currently in the middle of a two-year program at Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism, where she produces a weekly new radio show in between teaching undergraduates on the subtleties of the semicolon and the importance of self-editing. 

When she's not working a beat, teaching a class or writing on deadline, Atkins can generally be found doing as many awesome outdoor activities as possible — skiing, hiking, running, climbing and — on her more adventurous days — rafting.

Lynn Waldorf

The number of women who are hunting and fishing is growing and in some years is outpacing the number of men who receive hunting licenses.  This trend hasn’t been missed by Colorado’s Division of Parks and Wildlife which relies heavily on license sales to fund its management of wild lands.  Earlier this week, Parks and Wildlife hosted a free hunting and fishing clinic for women in Basalt.  Dorothy Atkins went along and filed this report.


Moose are showing up this summer at one of Aspen’s most popular destinations; the Maroon Bells.  Already there have been reports of moose charging hikers and the Forest Service closed the trails there for a day this week. The trails have reopened but rangers are warning visitors to be aware of the potential danger.  As Aspen Public Radio’s Dorothy Atkins explains they are also considering other options.

The Roaring Fork Valley has some great sushi restaurants – Matsuhista, Takah Sushi, Kenichi – and those restaurants buy a lot of fish. In 2012, the seafood industry generated $141 billion to the US economy. It also supported 1.3 million jobs, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. But not everyone is happy with how seafood is sold. Dorothy Atkins has the story.

It's been six months since selling marijuana officially became legal in Colorado. And now county sheriffs across Colorado are dealing with how to enforce the new law. That issue played out during a bi-annual sheriffs’ conference held in Aspen last week. Dorothy Atkins has the story.

Aspen is not a cheap place to live, or even visit.  That’s especially true now that the summer season is picking up. During peak seasons, in the winter and summer, the cheapest hotel room in Aspen goes for about two-hundred-dollars a night. But the local government is trying to change that. Over the past month, Aspen City Council has been considering a new lodging incentive program that would encourage more hotel development. Dorothy Atkins has the story.