Kendall Cafritz

Host - Roly Poly Radio

Roly Poly Radio is a culmination of my life's exploration of music.  I entered the world with a restless desire to learn experientially about everything and everyone. My unwavering desire to push the realms of knowledge has lead me from the highest echelons of society to the cultural fringes of society. It is here that I have learned a simple universal rule: That we are all connected. That we are here to love and be loved. That we all are love. That our brief veering through the worlds of war and injustice are just detour on our way back to true freedom.  Music is a way to connect us to that freedom, to connect us to our higher purpose, to connect us to each other.

Roly Poly Radio hopes to offer you music from all over the world. From early recordings of African spirituals to present day recordings of German electronica.  From the depths of Latino Hip-Hop to the outskirts of Japanese Pop.  From Tchaikovsky symphonies of the 1800's to modern day compositions from Mark Mothersbaugh. Roly Poly Radio is love.