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Born in the Panama Canal Zone, Roger grew up with radio. His father was a HAM radio operator, and there was always a radio room in his house. He started listening to public radio in the late 1970s while in college and started volunteering at community station WMNF, Tampa, Florida in 1980. He went on to become News Director. Since, he has served as News Director for WDET, Detroit Public Radio and most recently as Program Director for Wyoming Public Radio. In Panama he was an avid water-skier but is embarrassed to say he has never been on snow skis. He loves the West and enjoys fly-fishing, horses, photography, sculpture and poetry. His daughter is a Junior in college while his teenage son is a Junior in high school. 


Valley Roundup
3:27 pm
Fri October 31, 2014

Valley Roundup - October 31st, 2014

Welcome to Valley Roundup, a review of the top news stories in the valley in the past week.

This week - getting citizens behind urban planning.  In Basalt, angry pro-development residents hammer town council.

In Aspen, the city tries citizen surveys to move on a lodging incentive package.

There is a big drug bust mid-valley with more arrest to come.  And for the now legal drug, more marijuana grow operations approved in Missouri Heights.

Also this week Sam Wyly says he is bankrupt.

And on the Download with Rob St. Mary, a look at online election information.

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Driving High
8:42 am
Thu October 30, 2014

Under Development: Roadside THC Detector

Barry Knott is President and CEO of Lifeloc Technologies. The company, based in Wheat Ridge, CO is developing a hand-held device to test a person's THC level.
Credit Lifeloc

Sometime next year, a Colorado company hopes to have a prototype of a hand-held device that can test a person’s THC level. Lifeloc Technologies, of Wheat Ridge, CO makes blood alcohol content detectors and recently won a grant from the state to create a similar device for marijuana. 

Barry Knott is President and CEO of Lifeloc.  He says law enforcement has no way to test for THC during a traffic stop. Knott spoke with APR's Roger Adams.

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Leticia Ingram Honored
8:12 am
Thu October 30, 2014

Teaching With Dedication

ESL Teacher Leticia Ingram (center rear) and some of her Basalt High School students. Ingram has been awarded the Virginia French Allen Award for Excellence in Teaching award by the Colorado Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.
Credit BHS

Next month, Basalt High School teacher Leticia Ingram will be recognized for her excellence in teaching.  Ingram will receive the Virginia French Allen Award for Excellence in Teaching for her work teaching English as a second language.   APR's Roger Adams reports.

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Methodists Debate Gay Marriage
4:40 pm
Tue October 28, 2014

Defrocked Minister Reinstated

Rev. Frank Schaefer

UPDATE 10-28-2014:  The highest internal court of the United Methodist Church has reinstated Minister Frank Schaefer.  He had been defrocked by the church for performing a same-sex marriage ceremony.  The wedding was of his son, who is gay.  Schaefer was in Aspen earlier this year for a talk at the Aspen Community Church.  

Below is the story we ran on March 24, 2014:

Below story are current news links to Schaefer's reinstatement.

<<<<  >>>>

The United Methodist Church is in a heated internal debate over the issue of gay marriage.  At the center of this conflict is the Methodist Book Of Discipline which guides the denomination’s practices and beliefs.

“I fear that this will lead to a splintering or a split of the church before it gets changed in the actual discipline.”

Rev. Frank Schaefer is at the center of this debate.  He spoke in Aspen on Friday (3-21-2014.) APR's Roger Adams reports.

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Aspen Lodging Incentives
3:53 pm
Tue October 28, 2014

Paticipatory Democracy

Aspen Community Development Director, Chris Bendon, explains how participants can give instant input on lodging incentives proposed by the City of Aspen.
Credit Roger Adams

Earlier this month, Aspen City Council scrapped a controversial lodging incentive ordinance.  Now, at a series of public input sessions, the city is gathering survey responses on the issues contained in the ordinance.   Three more sessions are set for tomorrow (Wednesday 10-29-2014) and the survey will then be available online.

It is an exercise in participatory democracy.

APR's Roger Adams attended a session and filed this report.

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