Roger Adams

News Director

Born in the Panama Canal Zone, Roger grew up with radio. His father was a HAM radio operator, and there was always a radio room in his house. He started listening to public radio in the late 1970s while in college and started volunteering at community station WMNF, Tampa, Florida in 1980. He went on to become News Director. Since, he has served as News Director for WDET, Detroit Public Radio and most recently as Program Director for Wyoming Public Radio. In Panama he was an avid water-skier but is embarrassed to say he has never been on snow skis. He loves the West and enjoys fly-fishing, horses, photography, sculpture and poetry. His daughter is a Junior in college while his teenage son is a Junior in high school. 


Valley Roundup
3:27 pm
Fri August 22, 2014

Valley Roundup - August 22nd, 2014

Welcome to Valley Roundup, a review of the top news stories this week in the valley.

The big bike race has come and gone.  This year is went through Basalt and Carbondale and aside from a traffic jam in aspen reviews have been positive.

The Grand Avenue bridge replacement project in Glenwood Springs continues to generate heat.  State officials essentially say take it or leave it.

Also, this week a petition in Aspen calls for a public vote on whether to allow, among other things four story buildings at the base of the mountain.

Joining us to discuss these issues are Carolyn Sackariason, Editor of the Aspen Daily News, Andy Stone, a former Editor of and now columnist for the Aspen Times and Randy Essex Editor of the Glenwood Post Independent. 

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Jaywalker Lodge
11:47 pm
Mon August 18, 2014

Happy, Joyous...and Sober

Jaywalker Lodge, Carbondale
Credit Roger Adams

In the fatal accident at Catherine’s Store last week the surviving driver had a blood alcohol level of point-two-four-one.  It is a reminder that substance abuse is the top public health problem in the upper valley.  According to Pitkin County health surveys, year after year drinking and drugging are listed as the biggest health issue. 

For people with a substance use problem getting clean and sober is anything but easy.  The valley has a large and active 12 step community and in Carbondale a sober society is emerging around the drug rehab center called Jaywalker Lodge.  APR's Roger Adams reports.

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Valley Roundup
3:28 pm
Fri August 15, 2014

Valley Roundup - August 15th, 2014

Welcome to Valley Roundup a review of the top news stories in the valley.

This week - development plans up and down the valley.  The character of Aspen could be altered by a massive new ordinance passed by city council.  It will allow new and taller buildings

In Glenwood the future includes a big new bridge.

The bike race is back and so is the political junkie…at least on valley roundup.  Ken Rudin looks at the elections.

And on the Download with Rob St. Mary – recording sound without a microphone.

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TCAP Testing
8:18 am
Fri August 15, 2014

RFSD Test Scores Up

RFSD Superintendent Diana Sirko
Credit Roger Adams

  Students in the Roaring Fork School District showed improvement on statewide tests in areas the district had focused additional attention to.  The results of Colorado assessment tests were released yesterday.

One big area of improvement this year for mid and down-valley schools was for students who are learning English as a second language.  On a test given to English learners the district jumped from 39th percentile to the 67th percentile.  District Chief Academic Officer Rob Stein says the there is a gap between the progress in education for native English speakers and students who are just learning English

“We and all districts in the state have an achievement gap and we identified early last year the importance of doing more to support our English-language learners.  And, of course through our strategic planning process that surfaced as a commitment to providing differentiated support.”

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BJ Adams & Co - Economic Symposium
3:35 pm
Mon August 11, 2014

Aspen's Real Estate Economy

Credit Courtesy BJ Adams & Co

Six years ago, when the Great Recession began spreading toward the Roaring Fork Valley, the Aspen real estate firm BJ Adams and company organized a symposium to strategize ways the community could brace for the downturn.  On Thursday (8/14/2014), the company will host the sixth annual state of the real estate economy gathering at the Aspen Meadows.  Company president Michael Adams and long-time Aspen property appraiser Randy Gold spoke about the local economy with APR's Roger Adams.  

Listen to the radio interview here:

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