Sarah Chase Shaw

Board Member

Sarah Chase Shaw grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona where she listened to KNAU every day before school.  Nothing has changed.  Since her arrival in Aspen in 1993, she has been listening to APR every day before work.   A landscape architect by training, Sarah is the author of two books on the residential gardens of Design Workshop, Inc.;  New Gardens of the American West (2004) and Garden Legacy (2010).  Now a freelance writer, Sarah writes about landscape, design and architecture for local, regional and national publications as well as for private individuals and companies. 

Sarah has served on several non-profit boards including the Aspen Education Foundation, the Aspen Valley Land Trust, and Roaring Fork Leadership.  She and her husband, Richard, are parents of a teenage hockey defenseman.  Sarah holds an undergraduate degree from Smith College and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University.