#1 Songs Of All Time

Jul 6, 2014

Radio personality Andy Schuon and his nine-year-0ld daughter Layla Schuon played and discussed Number One Songs of all time on the Aspen Hot Wax show this week.  Andy played songs across all sorts of genres including pop, rock, jazz, country, soul and hip-hop, with Layla giving her nine-year-old take on the songs, many of which she had never heard before.

#1 Rock Song of  all timeLed Zeppelin - "Stairway To Heaven"
   Lead singer Robert Plant has said that his hand wrote out the words to the song without thought from him.  The words just came through him.
#1 Hip Hop Song of all time:  Grandmaster Flash - "The Message"
    "The Message" paved the way for so many rap and hip hop artists to make it to the mainstream of music and pop culture.
#1 Michael Jackson song of all time:  "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough"
   This is from Michael Jackson's first solo album.  It's his top song because it established Michael as a superstar on his own, away from the Jackson 5.  Today this song is played pretty much every night at every club around the world.
#1 one hit wonder of all time:  Soft Cell - "Tainted Love"
Soft Cell has a Guiness Book of Records for being on the Billboard chart for 43 consecutive weeks.
#1 Beatles song of all time:  "Hey Jude"
   The Beatles wrote 407 songs in just a few years, 310 of which appeared on albums.  "Hey Jude", if not 'the best' is the most popular.
#1 country song of all time:  Patsy Cline - "Crazy"
   This song was written by Willie Nelson, but Patsy's version is nothing like Willie's.  She said an illness, a throat infection, as a child gave her a booming voice.
#1 jazz song of all time:  Dave Brubeck Quartet - "Take Five"
   This is by far the best selling jazz single of all time.
#1 soul singer of all time:  Aretha Franklin - "Respect"
   Aretha's cover of Otis Redding's "Respect" is all about a strong, confident woman who demands the respect from the man she is with.
#1 song about California of all time: The Eagles - "Hotel California"
   The album cover from 1977 features a photo of a hotel that Layla refers to as 'The Bungalows" (The Beverly Hills Hotel).
Youngest artist to ever have a #1 song on the charts:  Stevie Wonder - Fingerprints Part II
   Stevie Wonder was 13 years old.
Youngest artist in 26 years to have a #1 song in the U.S.:  Lorde - Royals

Andy and Layla Schuon