Ann Wilson of Heart makes Aspen debut

Mar 12, 2017

Credit Jess Griffin

Ann Wilson of the band Heart brings her tour to Belly Up Aspen this Tuesday.

The set will feature new songs from her recent collection of EPs named “The Ann Wilson Thing.” Wilson said she’s been releasing her solo work as she completes it.

“Get four songs and go put it out,” said Wilson. “I like the idea of an EP more than an album. Four good songs or five good songs, to me, is better than 14 mediocre ones.”


Like the song "Anguish" on “The Ann Wilson Thing! #2 --Focus.” Instrumentally it's very swampy.


“There’s a trance like beat in it so there’s kind of a really strong referral back to southern field blues," said Wilson."


The song is about desperately missing someone with every fiber of your being. Wilson attributes her fearless songwriting approach to drawing inspirations from all genres.


“It symbolizes the magnetism and the power of love, not only spiritual love but physical love," she said. "The song is pretty explosive when it comes to the needs of the soul and the heart and the body all mixed together.”


Long time Heart fans can anticipate Wilson dipping in with the hits that shaped her early career.

“Back then there were no other women in the rock world really and so we sort of carved our own way,” she recalled. “It was just a whole different world.”

To hear more of Wilson’s solo work, head over to Belly Up Tuesday. Wilson says live performances are more gratifying and expects the crowd will agree. Be sure to get there before 9. For more information, visit bellyupaspen.com