Aspen Mayoral Run Off - Torre Interview

May 30, 2013

Torre - My Birth name is Ronald Wayne Maranian III. I was named Torre a week after I was born, now my license, passport and ssn all read, Torre.

Age: 43

Where are you from originally? Born in Silver Spring, MD. Grew up in St.Pete, FL. 

Credit Roger Adams

How long have you lived in Aspen? 20 years

What do (or did) you do for a living? I currently am a City Councilman, I teach tennis at The Aspen Club and Smuggler Racquet Club, and I am a host on Channel 82 TV. I have done so many jobs and had so many opportunities, here is a partial list; snowboard instructor, concierge, every position in a bar/restaurant, printing business owner, and of course, construction.

Why are you running? After 8 years on Council and many more working on important issues, I know that I will represent Aspen and conduct city business better than my opponents. I have the experience, record and vision to lead a council with Skadron and Frisch, and two new members in transparent, inclusive, efficient government.

What’s your campaign statement: I represent “prosperity and opportunity”. If business support, environmental leadership, pro-community growth, a housing program that takes care of those in housing and those looking for opportunity, and strengthening our community are important to you, then I am your candidate.