Aspen Police call for bear 'selfie strike'

Sep 14, 2017

An increase in bear activity has crowds of people wanting photos with the wildlife. Aspen police are concerned about the dangers of approaching and harassing wildlife.
Credit Courtesy of Aspen Police Department

Several bears have been spotted in downtown Aspen looking for an easy meal. Earlier this week, a mom and two cubs had posted up in a tree on the Hyman Avenue mall. When the bears came down, photo takers surrounded them, trying to get selfies.

Officers broke up the crowd, fearing that the agitated animals could attack. Aspen Police Sgt. Rob Fabrocini said he understands the desire for photos, but situations like this can turn dangerous.


“It’s almost a form of harassing the wildlife at times," Fabrocini said. "You know, I just wish people would use a little more common sense. They are wild animals, they are somewhat unpredictable and you know whenever you get close in a situation like that, it’s really not safe.”


Bears that come into close contact with humans are often euthanized. The Aspen Police Department reminds residents and visitors alike to give wildlife space.