Aspen Police Release Pics & Video of ATM Scammer

Feb 7, 2014

Aspen authorities are asking the public to look over a video...that may aid in a fraud case. On January 20th police discovered a “skimmer” on an ATM at the Wells Fargo Bank in Aspen. Thieves use such a device to read data strips on bank cards. A small camera was also attached to the ATM to record people punching in their ID numbers. That camera could lead authorities to a suspect.

The thief who placed the skimmer on the ATM turned on his camera before he attached it to the ATM. The video captured images of where he was staying in Aspen. Walter Chi is a detective working on the case.

“It doesn’t, to me, look like a super high-end unit. It’s got white tile floors, and some white pine chairs and furniture.”

In addition to the video, police are releasing images captured at two banks in Basalt...where two men used skimmed cards to withdraw large amounts of money...around the same time the Aspen skimmer was discovered.