Aspen School Board Takes Neutral Stance on Amendment 66

Sep 24, 2013

The Aspen School Board is taking a neutral stance on a school finance reform measure that will go before voters in November. If approved, the measure could take dollars away from the local district.
Credit Creative Commons/Flickr/Editor B

The Aspen School Board yesterday, decided against taking a formal stance on Amendment 66. It's a school finance reform measure voters will see on the November ballot.

The amendment would raise state income taxes by $950 million to provide additional funding for public education. School boards across the state are coming out publicly with their stance on the measure. EdNews Colorado reports last week the Denver and Aurora boards voted to endorse it.

In Aspen, the board is choosing a neutral stance even though the measure could take dollars away from local schools. Charla Belinski is school board president.

"We did not take any formal action in the form of a resolution opposing or coming out in favor of the amendment. What we want to do is to share with people that there’s a lot to this that will impact the state in a positive way, but not necessarily here in our own district," Belinski says.

If passed, the measure would eliminate state funds the Aspen district receives to compensate for the area’s high cost of living.

Members of the school board yesterday, decided they will write a guest opinion piece in local newspapers to explain what the measure will mean for schools across the state.

And a correction: in our local newscasts yesterday, Aspen Public Radio made an error. We stated that the school board was opposed to Amendment 66.