Behold, the Prius Aspen!

Apr 1, 2014

Aspen has a long been on the cutting edge when it comes to environmental concerns, as well as style and the fashion world. Now, a major auto manufacturer is hoping to capture all of those qualities... in a special Prius model. 


APR's Tom Egan: Meet the only car that’s easy on the environment -- and uniquely stylish as well.

Toyota’s iconic Prius shows harmony is possible between Mind, Body, and Spirit...

But now, the Prius Aspen takes that synergy to a whole new level… while making sure you look fantastic while behind the wheel.

It was only a matter of time before Aspen got its own version of the world’s best selling hybrid. Toyota says the stylish, even lower emission Prius Aspen is a perfect match.

APR's Roger Adams: “We believe the driver of this model will feel the exhilaration of a powder ski run every time they get behind the wheel.”

That’s Judson Moore. He’s Vice President for Innovation and Branded Model Designs for Toyota USA, Torrance, California.


A concept sketch of the new model, expected out next year.
Credit Rekindle Photo and Video

Adams: “We at Toyota were proud to put the Aspen name on this car, from its new sleek body design, to the Ajax inspired interior appointments, this is a completely reimagined Prius.”

Ian Foolsby is a Senior Concept Car Analyst; Global Center for the Study of Advanced Automotive Innovation. He’s based in Detroit, Michigan.

APR's Rob St. Mary: “There is a specially designed concealed internal ski rack that looks like something from a Navy ship. And then suitable for Aspen I’m told, the Aspen has a special embedded dog seat for small dogs something like fifteen pounds or less.”

The price of the Prius Aspen has yet to be revealed, but fair to say it’ll be more than a full season pass for a family of five for Ski Co. So, the City of Aspen is considering making it possible to help locals buy the limited edition Prius Aspen. That’s according to the city’s Department to Make Things Affordable for Locals.

The automaker has been promoting the Aspen Prius for a few weeks now with TV ads…and they’ve already gotten locals’ attention. Tracy Trickme already put in a request.

APR's Cornelia Carpenter: “When I heard about the Aspen Prius, I knew I had to get one. Everyone who’s someone will have one. And the fact that they’re making only twenty, makes me want it even more.”

The Aspen Prius is expected to be available by April 1st, 2014.

APR's Tom Egan: ...a car seat for dogs under twenty pounds.

Your Yorkie has never been this happy.

With all the Prius Aspen has to offer, it’s really the only form of transportation that meets your needs.

Editor's note: Happy April Fools' Day!