Breaking into a hot vehicle to rescue a child or dog no longer illegal

Aug 18, 2017


It is no longer illegal to break into a hot vehicle to rescue a child or dog. A new law went into effect earlier this month that waives liability for a good Samaritan.

The law requires someone to first try other options, such as unlocking the door and calling 911. But if a good Samartian chooses to break down a window, they won’t be liable. Republican Rep. Lori Saine of Firestone is one of the main sponsors of the bipartisan bill. She said it’s common sense.


“ help people take the steps to save a life,” Saine said.  


Saine said the measure aims to educate people on how quickly cars can reach searing temperatures. According to the non-profit kids and cars, 37 children have died from heatstroke this year after being trapped inside a vehicle.