Carbondale may streamline building code

Jan 17, 2016

Credit Town of Carbondale

  Building a home or other development in Carbondale can get complicated quickly. There’s lots of rules and guidelines sprinkled throughout town laws, but the town may change that.

The Carbondale Planning and Zoning Commission is proposing to streamline all the regulations about what can be built and what it should look like. That’s with amendments to what’s called the Unified Development Code. For example, "if there’s a substantial height difference between one zone district and another, the height might be stepped down to the lower zone district standards for the first hundred feet,” says Gavin Brooke. He’s Chair of the commission, which is made up of appointed community members.

The idea behind the proposed changes is to even out what’s been a piecemeal approach to what’s allowed in Carbondale, in order to reduce negotiations and making rules clearer for developers and concerned neighbors alike. Carbondale’s Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on the matter in mid February.