City Council will resume Glenwood Center for the Arts vote next week

Jul 27, 2017

Charlie Willman, the art organization's lawyer addresses city council.
Credit Claire Woodcock/Aspen Public Radio News

The Glenwood Springs City Council postponed a decision last night to terminate its contract with an arts nonprofit suspected of misappropriating funds.

The Glenwood Center for the Arts has been occupying city-owned space for decades at a subsidy. Council kicked its decision to terminate its relationship with the troubled organization until next week. That’s after supporters lobbied for what the center has done for the community, and expressing that arts programming for students in Glenwood Springs is crucial.


The center has been under intense scrutiny since this past spring when it was discovered that it was in the hole nearly $70,000. It’s executive director resigned and a police investigation was launched.


The investigation is now complete and the case turned over to the DA’s office. The center for the arts will hold a public meeting August 1 to brainstorm fundraising ideas. The city will discuss the matter again on August 3.