Colorado lawmakers aim to improve digital learning

Jul 31, 2017

Colorado lawmakers want to improve how public schools integrate digital learning in and outside of the classroom. A report released Monday highlights priorities and says combining technology with traditional teaching improves test scores and engages students.

The term is called “blended learning.” It’s a combination of in person instruction and online learning. Judy Perez, the founder of the iLearn Collaborative, said she created the effort four years ago after her sons needed to be more challenged in school.


“We’re talking about leveraging technology for instructional practice,” she said. “That’s almost foreign to most teachers that we work with. It’s more than just using an app or accessing a website when I’m home doing my homework.”


The top priority for the state to fully implement the program is training teachers on how to get the most out of technology to help students. Another hurdle is making sure students have laptops and iPads they can bring home. The report also says close to 400,000 students don’t have enough Internet access to participate.