Dogs get dolled up for afternoon in the park for Winterskol's Canine Fashion Show

Jan 15, 2018

A contestant at the Canine Fashion show with her pup.
Credit Claire Woodcock / Aspen Public Radio

The 67th Winterskol celebration took place last week. While a lack of snow caused some events to be canceled, Winterfest’s Canine Fashion Show was not. About 50 dogs of all kinds dressed up for an afternoon on the town Saturday. Claire Woodcock went to Wagner Park and met some of the contestants.


Owners were able to enroll their dogs in categories like “Most Adorable,” “Best Dog-Owner Look-Alike,” and “Best Celebrity Look-Alike.” Then there’s “Best In Snow,” where the judges choose their favorite fashionable pooch. Shelley Spaulding from downtown Aspen was in the park with her dog Rosey.

“This is a chocolate lab from Lucky Day Rescue," said Spaulding. "She’s wearing a black evening dress straight off the runway from the red carpet over at the Golden Globes. And you’ll see she’s got a bone collar that says #metoo around her neck. So I think she’s probably the most politically-charged dog that we’re seeing here today.”


Two minutes later, Rosey’s political statement was no more. When Rosey rolled over, her #metoo collar came off.


“I think Rosey’s had it with this costume," Spaulding said.

Pamela Elliott also lives in Aspen. She hadn’t intended on enrolling her dog Dolce in the competition.


“We didn’t have his tuxedo that he wore New Years Eve, so I entered him as the most adorable,” she said.


Elliott said one night, Dolce saved her from a bear that broke into her home. An important note: Dolce is an 11 year old yorkie.


“I saw this bear snarling, and Dolce comes around the corner and charges the bear," Spaulding said. "Gives me just enough time to turn around and run through the door and then Dolce came right after me.”


Winterskol’s Winterfest events concluded with a performance from U.S. Airforce Band Drum & Bugle Corps.