Driverless cars bill clears house

Apr 5, 2017

A proposal that would pave the way for driverless cars in Colorado cleared the House Tuesday with widespread support. Supporters said it will help Colorado prepare for new technology and automation.

The measure aims to set a framework for driverless cars – and advocates said they want the state to be a leader in testing the technology. Democratic Rep. Jeff Bridges of Greenwood Village is one of the main sponsors of the bi-partisan proposal.

“Things are going to look very different 50 years from now,” Bridges said. “Drivers are not the end of the automation revolution. People from drivers to doctors are going to be changing industries, are going to be needing new jobs.”

A handful of House members opposed the bill. Many worry enough protections aren’t in place and said it would displace workers. The Senate would still need to approve the changes the House made before the bill can go to the Governor for his signature.