Dwayne Romero Appointed to Aspen City Council

Jul 3, 2013

Dwayne Romero has been selected by process of the Aspen City Council as the newest member. Romero fills the space vacated by the election of Steve Skadron to Mayor of Aspen.

In April, Romero spoke to us about his campaign for office, his ideas and plans, if elected.

Dwayne Romero

Your age: 48

Where are you from originally? Port Arthur, TX

How long have you lived in Aspen? Margaret and I have lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for over 16 years, the last nine in Aspen with our three daughters.

What do (or did) you do for a living? Real Estate management and development (including investment, advisory services, and hospitality and resort operations) and a great deal of public service through various Boards and Commissions both here and at the State.

Why are you running? Three simple reasons:

First, I’m drawn to run because it’s in my DNA. I’ve always believed in the notion and act of serving others, and my track record of service is proof positive of this passion.

Second, I’m good at it. My skills, style, and positive experiences make me uniquely qualified to lead and to serve our community through the challenges and opportunities of today and tomorrow.

Third, I want to help keep Aspen relevant in so many ways that it is – as a wonderful place to raise a family, to run a business or to have a good job, and to visit as a guest. To achieve this we must have elected leadership that knows how to protect and to serve, but also how to genuinely partner with others in order to produce better results for our community.

What’s your campaign statement?: Experience that counts, Leadership you can trust. Find common ground for the common good.