Found: Seafaring APR Water Bottle

Jun 24, 2014

You might find a member station sticker on a car or even run into a fellow traveler sporting some fashionable threads from the same station you support miles-and-miles from home. But, Andy Hanson came across an Aspen Public Radio membership premium while on vacation in a very interesting way.

Granted, it has seen better days.

The Aspen Public Radio membership water bottle found washed up on a beach at San Pancho, Mexico by local resident Andy Hanson.
Credit Andy Hanson

“I walk on the beach every other day at San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico – officially called San Francisco about 4 miles north of Sayulita. This day I was picking up plastic that had washed ashore after some heavy rains at the beginning of the rainy season. I saw a bottle at the high tide mark and immediately recognized it as an Aspen Public Radio bottle. From there I took it to our casita at the end of the beach. Georgia (Hanson) photographed it and posted to Facebook.

I remember when it was a good item to have sometime in the 90's and it looked as if it had been around for quite a while. We will bring it back to Aspen next week,” said Andy Hanson.

How the Aspen Public Radio metal water bottle ended up more than 1,590 miles from home is anybody’s guess. But, lacking a message inside it’s hard to tell if this was from “just a castaway… an island lost at sea…” or not.

But, dear member (who lost their bottle), replacements are still available

Oh, and you can get one, too (minus the rust)! They are at the $120 membership level or above.