GarCo approves injection well zone in Battlement Mesa

Apr 17, 2017

Crews work on a pipeline between two well pads in Battlement Mesa. Garfield County recently approved a rezoning that would allow for injection wells in this neighborhood.
Credit Elizabeth Stewart-Severy/Aspen Public Radio News

Garfield County commissioners voted Monday to rezone part of a residential neighborhood in Battlement Mesa to allow for an injection well.

The developer Battlement Mesa Partners requested the rezoning to allow for easier disposal of wastewater from fracking operations. The company, Ursa Resources, is developing natural gas wells in Battlement Mesa.

The change applies to a 22-acre area near the wastewater treatment plant.

Commissioners expressed concern about allowing an injection well into the neighborhood but approved the zoning change on a 2-1 vote. Ursa will have to file an application for a special permit if the company seeks to construct the actual well.