Get to Know Your Tree Salesman

Nov 29, 2013

Based on historical evidence, evergreens livening up the Christmas celebrations date back to the 1400 or 1500s in Germany and Eastern Europe. Now, Joey Sissom hasn’t been selling Christmas trees in Aspen that long. But, he’s been doing it since 1978. While his tree lot has moved around a bit since he started 35 years ago, I caught him setting up in front of Clark’s Market in Aspen.

With over three-decades in the Christmas tree business, Sissom has a few things to share about what to consider if you are looking for the perfect "tannenbaum" for your celebrations.

As for the trees, they are Michigan-grown and farm-raised to an average of about 11 years before they are cut, shipped and set up for the holidays in Aspen.

When you buy from him you are not only helping Sissom have a happy holiday, but he says part of the proceeds go to support the local youth hockey squad.