Glenwood Springs mulls over the place for class 3 e-bikes

Dec 20, 2017

Credit Aspen Public Radio

Should the most powerful e-bikes be allowed to travel as freely as a regular bike? Glenwood Springs City Council is mulling that question over Thursday morning.

An e-bike is a bike with an electric motor. They’re divided into three classes. Class 3 e-bikes are the most powerful; they can zoom along as fast as 28 miles per hour. Glenwood Springs is figuring out whether or not it wants to allow class 3 e-bikes on its trails and bike paths.

Last April, Gov. Hickenlooper signed legislation allowing class 1 and 2 e-bikes to go everywhere a normal bike can go. Class 3 bikes, however, are only allowed on public roads; it’s up to counties, cities and towns to decide otherwise.

E-bikes recently made a splash in Glenwood Springs. All bikes did, thanks to the Grand Avenue Bridge closure. City data shows that, at least for the beginning of the closure, bike ridership was off the charts, and anecdotal data suggests plenty of e-bikes were in the mix.

If the council shows interest in allowing class 3 e-bikes, the city attorney will draft an ordinance that the council will vote in a future meeting.