Melissa Etheridge returns to Belly Up, Aspen

Jul 26, 2017

Melissa Etheridge
Credit Myriam Santos

Melissa Etheridge will be in Aspen electrifying the Belly Up Wednesday. The evolution of the singer-songwriter’s sound over the years has brought her back to her roots.


On Melissa Etheridge’s latest album Memphis Rock and Soul, she drew inspiration from styles like soul and gospel and the blues.

By peeling back those dynamite vocals that have characterized her career, she made room for the styles that led to the explosion of rock ‘n’ roll in the first place.


Truth informed her songwriting, which in turn informed her life. Her public role as an LGBTQ activist and a cancer survivor came later, after she uncovered her own life truths through music.


Etheridge said she’s never felt pigeonholed based on these roles she’s played. Rather, she said spent much of her career feeling like an outsider.


“I've been kind of outside all the things. There was a moment in the mid 90s where I felt like I was inside everything and then, you know, I just keep on being me and the world kind of swirls around,” said Etheridge.


It’s taken her a lifetime to fully become the real Melissa Etheridge. The wisdom she’s found has come from concentrating on her own joy and happiness. All it takes is practice.

For more details, visit bellyupaspen.com.