Money To Determine How Many Changes At Pitkin County Library

Apr 16, 2014

The Pitkin County Library is a little cramped-- and it would make a big difference if certain sections of books were moved to different parts of the building. Library leaders have been planning a change for several years now, and the goal is to start construction in September. Now, they’ve filed the latest iteration in what changes could look like... and there’s still a few question marks. 


Library Director Kathy Chandler describes it this way: “The collection will definitely be moved around to the different parts of the building. The fiction area may remain just the way it is if we don’t have additional funding. But we’re definitely hoping to get rid of some of the walls in the lower level, so that the staffing levels will remain the same and we need to be able to supervise the use of the collection.” Chandler talks with APR’s Elise Thatcher. 

Editor's note: There will be an open house meeting at the Pitkin County Library with more detail on the expansion and other changes. That's next Thursday, April 24th.