New Details Released in Pfister Case

Jun 13, 2014

A judge in Aspen has released hundreds of pages of court documents in the Nancy Pfister murder case.

Three people are charged with her homicide and are scheduled to appear in court later this month. The case has been mostly sealed until now. 

Pfister, who was fifty-seven, was found dead in her West Buttermilk home on February 26th.  Three people, including the woman who called police to say she had found the body, have been charged with first degree murder. They are William "Trey" and Nancy Styler, and originally of the Front Range, and long time Aspen local Kathy Carpenter.

Most of the case files on the investigation that lead to their charges have been kept closed until Thursday, June 12th. A judge released hundreds of pages of documents, including legal motions and court orders. Some of the most  potentially revealing documents list items seized in the investigation into what happened. Search warrants list everything from iphones to a make up bag to credit card records.  Forensic evidence includes swabs from several locations, including Pfister’s bedroom, and cars owned by the three people charged with committing murder. APR’s Roger Adams and Elise Thatcher talk about what new details are now public.