New filing in Verena Mallory Trail case

Sep 6, 2017

Credit Courtesy of www.aspentrailfinder.com

The legal battle over a local trail continues, as attorneys have filed a new complaint aimed at preserving the Verena Mallory Trail.

The singletrack trail runs adjacent to Hunter Creek and through property that was donated by Fritz and Fabi Benedict to the Aspen Valley Land Trust (AVLT) in the 1990s.

AVLT said there is language in the original deed that prohibits a trail.

The most recent court filing from a group called “Friends of Verena Mallory” disputes that and includes documents from people close to the deal. The attorney who drafted the deed wrote an affidavit that reads: “The plain language … indicates that Fritz and Fabi intended the trail to be open to and used by the general public.”

Attorneys for AVLT need to respond by the middle of the month.