Notes from Pyeongchang: Russian doping and Norwegian sweep

Feb 11, 2018

Today the Norwegians swept the 30k men’s skiathlon; notably absent were the Russians.  Our U.S. Cross Country athletes have been waiting to hear the results on the banning of Russian athletes that have been caught doping in a state-run program.  

On the World Cup, Sim and Noah Hoffman who have been lining up next to Russians that are know dopers. Many of the athletes tried to appeal the decision.  Last week, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) cleared 28 Russian athletes and rescinded their lifetime bans imposed by the International Olympic Committee, stating that the evidence against them was insufficient to determine any doping violation. 32 banned Russian athletes filed a lawsuit with the Ad Hoc Division of CAS to challenge the decision, insisting that the decision to ban them had been made on discriminatory grounds. Fifteen other Russian athletes and coaches filed a second appeal with CAS.  Prominent Russian cross country skiers Alexander Legkov and Maxim Vylegzhanin were among the applicants in the second case who were seeking a pardon. CAS denied the appeals for all 47 applicants.  Note the absence of the Russian flag on the results list. The Russian flag has been replaced by the Olympic rings. Noah raced today and finish 54th. The top American racer was Scott Patterson in 18th.