Online Obamacare Tools

Aug 27, 2013

Credit Creative Commons

New applications to help low income Colorado residents find health care services and health insurance are now online: http://cohealth.co/blue-guide

“The tool is really designed to do two main things, one is to help uninsured Coloradans find affordable health care services near them”

Adam Fox is with the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative which unveiled the computer and smart phone applications.  They come just four months before the national affordable care act goes into effect.   On January first Medicaid will expand to cover any single adult with an income below fifteen thousand dollars a year.  Thousands will become eligible.   The tools will help low income people find medical services that accept Medicaid. 

“So they can search for general services or get specific into mental health, dental or vision care.  And, they can search by their location and find community based health centers and low-fee clinics and things like that.”

The tools will help low income people find medical services that accept Medicaid

The health care act, also known as Obamacare, will also make an estimated five hundred thousand middle class people in Colorado able to qualify for financial help to buy health insurance.  They will get the assistance if they purchase health insurance through Connect for Health Colorado.  That is the state’s so-called health care exchange mandated by the law. Under the new law everyone must be insured by January.  Fox says the apps will help with selecting insurance by locating health care guides.

“Those are people who are contracted by connect for Health Colorado to help people through the enrollment process in person or over the phone and have their questions answered as their going through the enrollment process.”

Link to online tools here.

Link to Colorado Consumer Health Initiative here.