Paige Price announces plans to leave Theatre Aspen this spring

Feb 22, 2017

Big changes are happening over at Theatre Aspen.

The theater’s executive artistic director Paige Price is leaving in the spring. She’s going to be the new producing artistic director for the Philadelphia Theatre Company.


After a decade of leadership, Price was foundational in launching Aspen Theatre Fest, the company’s professional Apprentice Program. She also helped establish the Hurst Theatre in Rio Grande Park.


Last year, the organization won eight Henry Awards, including Outstanding Season by a Theatre, making it the most honored theater company in Colorado.


Price said that although she loves Theatre Aspen, the challenge of getting to produce more straight plays. And that she believes the theater deserves to have an executive director that will bring about fresh ideas.


“I think that if you don’t seek challenges now and again, you’ll get stale and so will the organization you serve,” she said.  


She also said she’ll be closer to family on the East Coast.


Theatre Aspen will bring on New York-based director/producer Markus Potter as the new associate artistic director. He’ll be overseeing the Apprentice Program and bringing new focus to the Theatre Aspen School.


Price said she’ll continue to consult Theatre Aspen through its 34th summer season with Potter, which will include a production of the musical “Hairspray.”

Of course, the shows must go on. The company is now on the lookout for a new executive artistic director.