Pet owners cautioned about aggressive coyotes

Jan 5, 2017

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials warn that coyotes can be more territorial in winter months.
Credit Courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife

The winter months are prime time for spotting coyotes, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) officials warn that the predators may become more aggressive in January and February.

Coyotes breed in the first months of the year. CPW officials say as the predators pair up to find space to have their young, they can become more territorial and hostile.


John Armstrong with Pitkin County Open Space and Trails said it’s rare to see aggressive coyotes in the Roaring Fork Valley, but packs of the animals have killed two dogs in recent years.

On the Front Range, incidents with coyotes are increasing as development reaches further into what was once prairie.

Armstrong and CPW both advise keeping pets leashed, even in areas where it is not required.