Phone Scam Aimed at Credit Cards

May 21, 2014

Credit iStockphoto.com/AlexKalina

Residents in the Roaring Fork Valley are being warned about a phone scam. Locals have received calls about their credit cards, an illegal effort to get their money. But the criminals behind the scam made a big mistake. They called people who can spot a hoax, like District Attorney Sherry Caloia.

“I received a call, at my home, about my Chase credit card being locked. And they asked me to input my credit card number.”

Caloia knew credit card companies don’t work that way, so she called her bank to check. They confirmed her suspicions.

“I have another friend who got a call. The police chief in Glenwood got a call, and one of my deputies got a call.”

If a resident gets a call from someone saying a Chase credit card is locked and the caller needs the credit card number… Caloia says, hang up and report it to the police. The scam warning covers Pitkin, Garfield, and Rio Blanco counties.