PitCo updates plans to prevent natural disasters

Sep 14, 2017

A small fire burned last spring along Lower River Road. Pitkin County officials are updating plans to prevent natural disasters, including wildfire, drought and flooding.
Credit Elizabeth Stewart-Severy / Aspen Public Radio

  As wildfires burn across the west and communities regroup after devastating hurricanes in the south, Pitkin County officials discuss how to prepare for and prevent natural disasters.


Officials from fire districts and municipalities across the Roaring Fork Valley have been working to update Pitkin County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan for the past several months. The plan identifies key actions to reduce risks of natural hazards like wildfire, flooding and drought. For the first time, this plan considers the role of climate change.

“We’re looking at how it impacts hazards, like how is it making wildfires worse, that kind of thing,” said Valerie MacDonald, Pitkin County’s emergency manager.

The county must submit an updated plan to the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA every five years to be eligible for pre and post-disaster grant funding. The final workshop is Thursday from 9:30 to 2:30 at the Pitkin County Library. It is open to the public.