Possible town purchase of downtown Basalt land still a question mark

May 6, 2015

Town Council approved a "future roadmap for development" at a meeting in April. Now, other boards and committees will review the concept. The map shows the Pan and Fork site and the parcel where Town Hall currently sits. The orange and brown blocks indicate where development can happen.
Credit Marci Krivonen

Basalt Town Council met behind closed doors last night to discuss a possible land purchase and go over a new “roadmap” for downtown development. 

The Roaring Fork Community Development Corporation is urging council to consider buying land it owns downtown. The non profit’s 2.3 acres is prime real estate along Two Rivers Road. Board President Michael McVoy says the corporation would like to retrieve its investment. The land was purchased as a partnership with the town in 2011.

"We’re definitely ready to come to a completion of our role in this project. At this point, we don’t know that we’re bringing a whole lot more to the table. In fact, we’re concerned that as a private property owner, that if we have to start protecting our rights it could become problematic."

He says he requested a work session with the town to discuss a possible sale. So far, no such meeting has been scheduled.

On Tuesday, council discussed the idea in executive session. Town Manager Mike Scanlon says developer Lowe Enterprises has an option to purchase the property and until that expires at the end of June, town council can’t make a move to buy the land. But, he says it’s still on the table.

"I think the council wants to keep its options open in terms of what opportunities could avail themselves as you go through any planning process, just to make sure you come up with the best plan."

Council created a new map that guides where development and park space should be on the Pan and Fork site. The same committees and boards that reviewed an earlier plan will now go over this new “roadmap for future development.”