Regional governments promote electric cars

Jun 8, 2017

Credit Courtesy of City of Aspen

Drivers interested in going electric can test out cars today in Aspen.


The City of Aspen’s “ride and drive” event is part of regional efforts to promote electric vehicles. Local governments and energy agencies from Aspen to Vail have been working with car dealerships to offer discounts on plug-in hybrids and electric models through the end of the month.


Aspen staff have been working for two years to expand charging stations and make Aspen “EV ready.” Laura Armstrong, with Aspen’s environmental health department, said it aligns with their goals to reduce greenhouse gasses.

“There are zero tailpipe emissions associated with electric vehicles, so for local air quality they’re really great,” Armstrong said.  


Interested drivers can try out several models, including cars from Tesla, Chevy, Audi and Nissan, from noon to 3 p.m. at the Community Banks of Colorado parking lot.