Report: Roaring Fork Valley has Highest Rate of Teen Marijuana Use in the State

Nov 8, 2013

A 2011 assessment shows a higher rate of teen marijuana use in the Roaring Fork Valley than anywhere else in Colorado.
Credit Marci Krivonen

Voters in Colorado passed new taxes on retail marijuana that will help pay for fixes to school buildings in disrepair. Proposition AA establishes excise and sales taxes on recreational pot that’s allowed to be sold to adults 21 and older. Besides raising money for schools, the taxes will also fund regulation of the new retail industry.

The taxes are the next step in rolling out Amendment 64, which legalized retail marijuana in 2012. Now, businesses currently operating as medical pot shops are preparing to sell the drug recreationally, starting January 1st.

That has Lori Mueller worried. She’s the Executive Director of Youthzone, a non profit with offices throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. It helps troubled kids get back on their feet. The organization did a study in 2011 that shows the Roaring Fork Valley has a higher rate of teen marijuana use than anywhere else in Colorado. Aspen Public Radio's Marci Krivonen spoke with her about the report.