Resilient agriculture lecture to address food and climate

Jul 26, 2017

Author and agriculture expert Laura Lengnick speaks at the Limelight this week about agriculture and climate change.
Credit Courtesy of Glynwood Farm

  The way we eat contributes to a warmer world. An author, soil scientist and farmer will discuss “resilient agriculture” in Aspen on Thursday.


Many modern agricultural practices — including transportation of food products across long distances — contribute to climate change. But in her book “Resilient Agriculture,” Laura Lengnick explains an alternate viewpoint.

“The evidence is clear that we can transform agriculture from being a major driver of climate change to being a major solution,” Lennick said.   

For example, improving soil quality is one way that farmers can both adapt to climate change and reduce its impacts.

Lengnick will discuss how everyone in the food system, from farmers to consumers, can make choices that positively impact the climate. She speaks Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the Limelight.