Restoration project to remove barbed wire

Sep 15, 2016

Barbed wire fencing near Government Trail (pictured) will be removed on Sunday.
Credit Trailsource.com

Local nonprofit Wilderness Workshop is seeking volunteers for a restoration project on Sunday to remove barbed wire on Buttermilk.

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Barbed wire fencing from old grazing operations near Government Trail poses a danger to elk.

“Animals can just get tangled in the wire, and they get cut,” said Will Roush, conservation director for Wilderness Workshop. “Worst case scenario, they get trapped by the wire, they can’t get out, which can kill them.”


Barbed wire fencing can pose serious hazards to wildlife like elk.
Credit Courtesy of Phil Nyland, USFS

The fencing can also restrict the elks’ movement through their habitat and can force them to expend valuable energy during critical calving time.

The project runs from 8:30 to 4 on Sunday.