Retail Roundtable meant to support local shops

Sep 6, 2017

A stretch of Aspen's expensive, ground floor retail space.
Credit Elise Thatcher

A networking event Thursday focuses on ways the local business community can work together in Aspen.

The resort’s seasonal customer base and skyrocketing rents make it difficult for small locally owned businesses to compete in the retail market. It’s especially hard for new, local businesses owners who don’t have established clientele or a rolodex full of resources.

Shenna Richardson, resort market consultant, is hoping that by working together, local shops can compete with Aspen’s ubiquitous high-end chain stores.

“There is something about really learning from one another,” said Richardson. “Any industry that you are in, it’s always great to have allies and to be able to learn from each other and what works and what doesn't”

The gathering is the third in a series of networking sessions. Richardson says there is no one solution the group is working on, but all those interested in brainstorming ways to support the local retail community are invited.

The Retail Roundtable begins at 6:30  at the Marker and Place shop, on Hyman Avenue.