In the Russian Rain - Sochi Weather

Feb 18, 2014

Holy Sheboygan. Mother Father.  Shut the Front Door. And all other nice ways to swear I can think of.

Credit Bart Garton

Today, we paid for all the great weather we’ve been having.  We all work in and love snow.  If it’s heavy, it can be tricky.  If it blows, it can be really rough.  But when it’s not actually snow, because it’s too warm to be snow, then it’s a freakin’ nightmare.  Today was one of those.  It actually started the day before, and we stood around waiting for our event (Men’s Snowboard Cross) to begin.  Delay after delay finally turned into postponement for today, with modified seeding for the event.  It turned out to be a shorter event, which was a blessing.  But we missed a full day of repo for the next event (Parallel Giant Slalom) so had to do that after this event was finished. Just suffice it to say we all looked like drowned rats after 12 hours in the slop.  Ugh.  We’re all hoping the forecast is accurate for tomorrow:  Sunny.  I don’t believe it, as the roof is drumming as I write this.  I’m ok, as I was prepped for this.  But others may not be so lucky.  Either way, whether you’re warm or dry or not, it’s a total pain shooting in this because the cameras really take a lot of maintenance during the shoot.  And it looks horrible on TV.  I’m sure the athletes are none too pleased either.  This is what the naysayers were warning us about, and exactly what happened in Vancouver last year EVERY DAY.  I hope the IOC has learned its lesson on locating the WINTER Olympics to a place that is actually known for its Winters (Korea – no idea on the climate there….anyone??).