Seniors learn what’s in store for Grand Avenue Bridge closure

Jul 12, 2017

Credit CDOT

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has presented nearly 60 times on Grand Avenue Bridge closure.

On Tuesday, spokesperson Kathleen Wanatowicz presented to a group of seniors in Glenwood Springs.  

She describes her message as half pep-rally, half encouraging people to be flexible for the 95-day period following the Aug. 14 bridge closure.    


About 50 attended the talk, organized by Garfield County Senior Services.


According to Wanatowicz, the audience was concerned with getting to their doctor’s appointments on time and being able to keep daily routines. She encouraged them to plan ahead. Some routines, however, will simply have to change.  


The Traveler is a bus provided by Garfield County for those who can’t access other forms of transportation. Its route will change during the closure. Riders might be asked to transfer to a RFTA bus in order to get where they need to go.


CDOT makes presentations like these to grow public awareness and also to reduce traffic. They hope to get one in three cars off the road during the closure.