Sky Mountain closed for hunting

Nov 16, 2016

 Some of the most popular mountain biking trails have been closed so five lucky hunters can attempt to bag an elk. Carolyn Sackariason has the details.




This is the fourth year a portion of Sky Mountain Park is closed to hikers and bikers. Pitkin County Open Space and Trails closed Cozyline, Airline, Skyline Ridge and Ditchline trails to the public Tuesday evening. They will reopen Nov. 21.


This is the fourth year of the hunt and in that time, five elk have been harvested in the area. Ranger John Armstrong says the hunt is part of a game management plan recommended by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.


“It’s not a calving ground but they migrate through there seasonally and well, if you will, there’s no free lunch, but they will hang out as long as they can if they don’t get any pressure to move around," he said.


The southside of the park, which includes Viewline, Deadline and Seven Star trails will remain open. The entire park will close for the season on Dec. 1.