Snowmaking in the city: Aspen preps for World Cup

Jan 27, 2017

A snowmaking machine works Monday night, as natural snow also falls.
Credit Carolyn Sackariason/Aspen Public Radio News

The City of Aspen and Aspen Skiing Company took advantage of cold temperatures this week to make piles of snow … in Wagner Park. City officials said this in preparation for the alpine skiing World Cup finals.

Wagner Park will serve as a sort of World Cup village in mid-March, hosting tents for sponsors, a live stream of events and concerts. The City of Aspen wants at least a foot of snow covering the turf to prevent damage to the grass when large crowds arrive.

Matt Kuhn with the city’s parks department said that given variable snow conditions in March, the city made the decision to make extra snow in the park this week, with freezing temperatures and ideal conditions. He said they can’t use plowed snow from recent storms because it has debris like sand, dirt and trash.